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The latest in motorcycle safety features and protective gear

Riding your motorcycle gives you a feeling like no other but as free as you might feel on the open road, you need to be sure to keep yourself and others as safe as possible. As technology continues to advance, motorcycle manufacturers are creating new safety features and protective gear that can help ensure a safe ride.

Safety features and protective gear to look for

Advanced safety features in new motorcycles and technologically-advanced protective gear are some of the wonderful breakthroughs occurring in the motorcycle world.

  • Safer Helmets: Although it is well-known that a good motorcycle helmet can be a life-saver, some helmets now include such features as GPS systems and cameras that are built in to show you rear views and former blind spots.

  • Anti-Lock Brakes: The wonderful life-saving anti-lock brake system for cars and trucks is now available for some motorcycles. These brakes help prevent skidding when brakes are applied.

  • Airbag Jackets: These jackets actually perform like airbags. The jacket inflates when sensors detect an impact, providing a much-needed safety feature for the rider’s chest and vital organs.

  • LED Lighting: LED lighting (aka “under-glow lighting”) is a much-needed motorcycle safety feature. Not only does it provide better road lighting for you, the cyclist, especially in poor weather conditions or at night, but it allows greater visibility for drivers to see you. The lights illuminate the motorcycle from below or on the sides. Some helmets come equipped with LED lights as well.

  • Stability Control: New stability control systems can analyze the traction control and lean-angle data to ensure that the motorcycle’s acceleration and braking during turns is controlled.

  • Motorcycle Boots: Although motorcycle boots have been a mainstay for many motorcyclists, they have not always been well-constructed. Boot makers are now manufacturing boots with flexible impact technology that protects the foot and absorbs the shock of impact.

  • Advanced Diagnostics: It only makes sense that with advances in technology that diagnostics would become more sophisticated. Working their way into American designs are some European diagnostics that focus on cruise control, semi-active suspension and tire pressure monitors.

  • Lower Horsepower: For those that want a slower, more leisurely pace, some manufacturers are developing bikes with lower horsepower.

Hopefully, all these advances in safety features and protective gear will become more mainstream in the years to come so that you can be more assured of a safe ride. Enjoy yourself and please stay safe.

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