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At Di Renzo & Bomier we recognize that Family Law is intensely personal. Clients involved in family law disputes need both personal and professional support through times that are emotionally charged, yet require calm and reasoned decision-making. We stress litigation, mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods. Di Renzo & Bomier represents clients in a full range of family law matters including:        

    •    Divorce
    •    Marital property division
    •    Child custody
    •    Child support
    •    Family-owned businesses
    •    Adoption and termination of parental rights
    •    Premarital or prenuptial agreements
    •    Alimony, maintenance or spousal support
    •    Mediation
    •    Guardianships
    •    Guardian ad litem
    •    Temporary restraining orders
    •    Domestic abuse
    •    Temporary hearings
    •    Contempt and enforcement proceedings
    •    Paternity
    •    Visitation and placement
    •    Post-judgment modification
    •    Retirement benefits
    •    Appeals  


Attorneys in Divorce & Family Law

Howard T. Healy

Kathleen M. Healy  

Kimberly E. Gehling  

Meghan E. Healy  

Richard D. Kewley Jr.   

Peggy L. Miller

Thomas J. Gritton

AARP Legal Services Network Participating Attorneys

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