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In Debt? Find out How We Can Get You Financial Relief 

Filing for bankruptcy is intended for people who have had medical problems, burdening credit card balances, failed business ventures, high student loan balances, and many other consumer and business debt issues. We will discuss and explore all of your available options, with bankruptcy often looked to as a last resort. You will learn all the risks of filing for bankruptcy and have an understanding of the process and effects of filing before you make your decision to file. You will be provided with the information to help you minimize the effects as you move on with your life, and instruction on proactive measures to put the matter behind you and reach fiscal success as soon as possible. 

Bankruptcy Options: 


    •    Chapter 7
   •    Chapter 11
   •    Chapter 12
   •    Chapter 13    


There are many more questions and answers to filing bankruptcy, or the other debt-relief options that exist under state and federal law. The best way to get those questions answered is to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation with our attorney to discuss your particular situation in a comprehensive and completely confidential setting. We will take the time to go over your unique facts and discuss all of the available options that exist to not only protect you from your current creditors and keep all of your assets and income as possible, and to relieve the immense stress that your creditors are likely placing on you, but also provide you with the tools and information to make sure you don't face a situation like that again. Call and schedule a meeting with us today! We want to use our years of experience handling hundreds of cases to improve your situation now. 

Attorneys in Bankruptcy

Thomas B. Sewall
We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

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