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Five Reasons to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Updated: May 1

We often get the question, why should I hire an estate planning attorney? I'm about to give you five reasons why you should.

#1. Document Updates.

Your life will change. So life changes such as marriage, divorce. New additions to your family may require updates to your estate planning documents. An estate planning attorney ensures that these documents stay up to date.

#2. Legal Compliance.

Probate and trust laws are complex and are constantly evolving. An estate planning attorney. Make sure that your documents meet all legal standards and are updated when these laws change.

#3. Accurate Representation.

The language of law is complex and without professional help. Very easy to misinterpret. An estate planning attorney guarantees that your documents clearly reflect your intentions.

#4. Customization.

Your situation is unique. Estate planning attorneys craft documents to fit your specific needs. Accommodating complex situations that DIY solutions might overlook.

#5. Informed Legal Advice.

Estate planning attorneys review your assets and your property to recommend the best way to distribute your assets to your loved ones at a reasonable time here. Our estate planning attorneys are here to help you protect your assets and ensure your loved ones won't face unnecessary burdens.

Contact us to learn more. Di Renzo and Bomier… We’re Here For You.


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