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Our Clients Range From First Time Buyers to Sophisticated Developers 

Real estate developers, buyers, and sellers trust their transactions to Di Renzo & Bomier's real estate attorneys because of our long time, knowledge of all the intricate details involved. Our clients recognize Di Renzo & Bomier's unrivaled reputation for professionalism. In addition, we provide reasonable fees that result from our size, location, and efficient staffing of real estate transactions and related litigation. We represent buyers and sellers in commercial and residential projects. Our clients include both sophisticated real estate players and first-time buyers, and tailor our services accordingly. Our services extend to the following areas:

    •    Contract preparation, interpretation, and enforcement
   •    Preparation of purchase agreements, deeds, and bills of sale
   •    Closings
   •    Income, estate, and gift tax ramifications
   •    Commercial and retail leases
   •    Financing
   •    Zoning, land-use, variances and planning issues
   •    Workouts of troubled real estate projects
   •    Environmental concerns
   •    Land acquisition and development
   •    Construction projects and liens
   •    Covenants and restrictions
   •    Landlord - tenant law


Attorneys in Real Estate

Kathleen M. Healy

Thomas B. Sewall

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