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How to avoid a serious car wreck with a wrong-way driver in Wisconsin

Every year, according to the Federal Highway Transportation Safety Administration (FHTSA), 300 to 400 people die as a result of wrong-way crashes. This represents one percent of the total number of annual traffic-related fatalities.

Nationally, 6,667 people were killed by drivers on the wrong side of the road between 2006 and 2010, according to a National Transportation Safety Board Special Investigative Report. Of that total, 95 deaths were in Wisconsin, with 31 killed in 2010 alone.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, on-coming cars are difficult to see because they are so unexpected and the brain has trouble quickly processing what is happening. This vastly shortens their reaction time before a collision.

These types of crashes are usually very severe because they involve head-on or opposite direction sideswipe impact at high speeds.

Wrong-way driving facts

Research shows that most wrong-way driving accidents occur at night because of naturally limited visibility. Most involve an impaired driver under the influence, most wrong-way entrance highway crashes occur in urban area, and most fatalities result from drivers going the wrong way while attempting to enter a state highway.

Other wrong-way accident causes include the following:

· Distracted driving

· Drivers unfamiliar with the roadways in the area

· Poorly marked and lit signs

· Drowsy drivers

· Poor ramp design

· Drivers suffering from mental health issues

What to do if you see a wrong-way driver

Although reaction time is usually slowed when a driver is faced with a wrong-way driver, there are things you can do to avoid a car crash or at least limit the effect of one.

· Get to the shoulder quickly and stop

· If you can’t get to the shoulder, slow down and attempt to safely stop your vehicle

· Steer to the right of the on-coming vehicle

· Honk your horn

· Flash your lights

· Call 9-1-1

· Have your seat belts fastened

· When about to top a hill or pass a car on the left, look ahead for a wrong-way driver to make sure the lane is clear

· Stay vigilant and keep your eyes focused high, not just on the driver in front of you.

· Drive in the right lane on a highway, especially at night.

· Don’t drink and drive

· Don’t be a distracted driver

We hope this article is helpful and that it will make our website visitors more aware of the dangers of entering a state highway or any road from the wrong direction.

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