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Ensuring your children are safe for a fun Halloween in Wisconsin

It may be hard to believe since the weather has been so warm, but fall is here in Wisconsin and Halloween is just around the corner. No doubt you’ve seen all the displays for Halloween in stores for a while now and, if you have children, they are probably starting to get fired up to have fun. There are Halloween costumes, parties, and most children’s favorite, trick or treating in the offing.

Keeping your children safe on Halloween in Wisconsin

One of the most important events during Halloween is trick or treating. Here are a few tips to ensure that your children remain safe and free from personal injury while they parade around the streets in their outfits.

  • Flashlights:It’s dark outside when going from house to house, so make sure your kids have a flashlight. It can light the way for your children on the road and the sidewalks and prevent falls or bumping into things. Very importantly, it can alert drivers that there are children on the road.

  • Reflective tape: Be sure and put reflective tape on your children’s costumes, especially if they are hard to see at night. You want to make your kids as visible as possible.

  • Masks: Don’t let your children wear their masks until they reach the door for trick or treating. Masks are notorious for impairing vision. They need to see where they are walking and they need to be able to see any approaching cars.

  • Trim costumes: Be sure to trim your child’s costume if it is dragging on the ground. You don’t want a painful trip and fall to occur.

  • No trick or treating alone: There is normally safety in numbers, so kids trick or treating together is a good idea. A better idea is to have a parent accompany them.

  • Stranger danger: Make sure your kids know not to ever go into a stranger’s house, no matter what. Kids are naïve and trusting, so be sure you remind them of stranger danger, without scaring them.

  • Safe candy: Be sure and inspect the candy your child collects to ensure that it is safe to eat. You don’t want to keep anything that looks partially opened, or anything that could pose a choking hazard for younger children.

  • Lit candles: A lot of Halloween decorations include lit candles. Unfortunately, many Halloween costumes can be flammable. As a homeowner and as a parent, be sure to keep lit candles away from where children will be walking.

  • Pet safety: Even the gentlest pet can become aggressive when frightened. With all the commotion and weird-looking, unfamiliar faces, a pet can react. Keep your pets indoors during trick or treating.

Adults and children alike love the Halloween season. It’s a time for fun, eating candy, and making wonderful memories for the family. Please follow the above tips to ensure your children are safe this Halloween. Have fun!

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