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The most common types of Wisconsin motorcycle accident injuries

Riding a motorcycle in Wisconsin is a joy for many. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and because of the physical exposure of a cyclist, sometimes the accidents are quite serious.

Statistics bear this out, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting that less than 5% of motorcyclists walk away uninjured after an accident. They further cite that 75% suffer minor injuries, 20% endure serious or critical injuries, and about 4% die from their injuries.

Common types of Wisconsin motorcycle accident injuries

Among the most common types of Wisconsin motorcycle injuries are the following:

  • Road Rash:The more serious road rash is like being burned. There are three degrees of road rash injuries.

  • First-degree: The first layer of skin is abraded but the abrasions are minor.Second-degree: The road rash breaks through the epidermis (the protective outer layer of the skin) and may break the dermis (the thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis) but does not penetrate all the way to the muscle.Third-degree: The abrasions break through all layersof skin and down to the muscle and other soft tissue.

  • Facial Injuries: These types of injuries are common, especially if the motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet, which could mitigate the injuries. Without any protection, the face is extremely vulnerable to injury in a motorcycle accident. Common injuries are scrapes, bruises, fractures, loss of teeth, and disfigurement.

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and skull fractures: Traumatic brain injuries can be some of the worst injuries incurred as a result of a motorcycle accident, especially if a helmet is not in use. It is estimated that 4.1% of victims experience mild TBI, 7.4% experience moderate TBI, and 5.8% experience severe TBI. TBI injuries can range from disorientation, to cognitive impairment, to behavioral changes, and even to death. Skull fractures can also result in TBI.

  • Spinal cord injuries:Spinal cord injuries can range from mild discomfort to paralysis, with a number of scenarios in between. Each spinal cord injury is different. There are “incomplete” cord injuries (some sensory and/or motor functions remain),” “complete” spinal cord injuries (irreversible and likely paralysis), and “stenosis,” where pressure from a narrowed spinal canal is placed on the nerves. This causes pain, numbness and weakness and can be on-going.

The list of potential injuries should also include broken bones, chest injuries, eye injuries, open wounds, amputations, and rider’s arm, where a damaged upper arm can result in permanent paralysis.

Motorcycle injuries can be mitigated by wearing a helmet, riders maintaining their bike, staying aware of the vehicles on the road, and wearing protective gear and glasses.

If you have sustained a motorcycle injury or a loved one has died in a motorcycle crash because of the carelessness of another person’s actions, please call us at 1-800-529-1552. You have rights that need to be discussed.

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