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Protect children by avoiding a backover accident

Updated: May 31, 2018

Of all the terrible motor vehicle accidents that can occur, one of the worst and heartbreaking is backing up over a child. The good news is that these types of accidents can be easily avoided.

Nationwide statistics show that 50 children per week are injured or killed by back-up accidents. The majority are children age five and under. Not surprisingly, parents and other close family members cause seventy percent of these accidents. The reason for this happening is that most of these accidents occur when the person is backing out of a driveway at home where the driver couldn’t see the child because they were too small and in a blind spot.

Children are not the

only people injured by backover accidents. Others include cyclists, pedestrians and workers in cases where they are not seen before the driver puts the vehicle in reverse. The injuries are often very serious or fatal because of the how much even a small car weighs.

Proposed NHTSA mandatory backup cameras in new models to go into effect

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed that all new vehicles sold or leased will be required to have rearview safety technology to cover the blind spot, which is approximately 25 x 25 feet. It’s even wider for SUVs and pickup trucks. These proposals go into effect this month, May 2018.

It is hoped that this mandate will help greatly reduce the number of backover accidents.

Tips on how to avoid a backover accident

Rearview safety technology will most certainly help prevent some back-up accidents from occurring but here are some tips you can follow to ensure you are never involved in one.

  • Your children should always be properly supervised when playing.

  • Don’t allow your children to use the driveway as a play area.

  • Teach your children never to play in, under or around vehicles.

  • Never leave a vehicle running in the driveway.

  • Always assume children are going to be present when you back up your vehicle.

  • Before you back up, always check the space around your vehicle.

  • When driving in a parking lot, always be mindful of children.

  • Know the blind spots of your vehicle.

  • If you have an older car without a rearview camera, consider getting one.

  • Back up with the windows down so you can hear children playing.

  • When on a job, like a construction site, follow all safety regulations.

  • Bicyclists and pedestrians should stay aware of their surroundings, and always look to see if a car is backing out of a driveway or a parking space.

Who is liable for driveway backover accidents?

The driver of the car is usually responsible and liable for a drive backover accident; however, there are others who may be found to be responsible as well, such as the child’s caretaker. A child is usually allowed to file a claim against a parent that caused the accident.

In instances where a car accidentally drives over a child caused by another child playing in the car, it’s possible that the person who owns the property may be liable. In such a case, his homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the damages.

Backover accidents can truly be tragic for a child or an adult. To avoid such an occurrence, always double and triple check that no one is behind you when you back up. Back up slowly and be prepared to brake immediately, if needed.

Please help keep our kids and others safe out there.

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